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And now some art stuff.

I feel like talking about artsy/design stuff now too. After I mentioned Pearl Jam in that last post about music, I remembered how much I used to love their video for “Do The Evolution” by Todd McFarlane (see it here). I went and watched it again and it got me feeling all creative and inspired. Which got me thinking about a lot of artists whose work I’ve been admiring lately. So I’ll share. I’m going to let all their work do the talking too, so just click the links at will and go into it knowing all these people are unbelievably talented and worth a look. Tomer Hanuka, James Jean, Geoff McFetridge (and while you’re at it, Shynola), NFCTD (good Lord, very nice), Vault 49, Inka Essenhigh, Harsh Patel, and Tiffany Malakooti. Already seen all of them? Half of them? None of them? Just go, they’re all worth a look again or for the first time. We could all use a little creative inspiration…Look at me, getting all artistic on here. This is supposed to be a place to talk about cars, islands, money, cell phones, and cool technology! Ha, well, get your black glasses and your tight pants on and start drawing, grasshopper.