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An ad campaign you can’t ignore? GM makes fun of itself.

American car companies, except for maybe Saturn and Jeep, are…not interesting. Nor are they producing any products I want to buy. But, with that being said, they do…every once in a great while…have a good ad campaign. And GM’s latest for the Chevy Malibu is one of them. Titled ‘The Car You Can’t Ignore’ it pretty openly makes fun of what they have made in the past - making fun of their own products. In this case it’s a late 90s Cutlass I think? Which is a GM product. They’ve got two great ads running right now where (1) a jogger runs into a parked late 90s Cutlass as it is such a boring, poorly designed, car she didn’t even notice it. Funny. (2) My favorite, which is linked below, the bank robbers who slide past the cops in the same type of car for the same reasons. Pretty brilliantly executed ad campaign. All this to illustrate that their new Chevy Malibu is indeed the care you CANNOT ignore. Great…I most likely won’t ignore it now. Job well done. And seriously, congrats to whatever agency/firm that came up with the campaign and got GM to buy into the idea of making fun of themselves, seriously, good stuff.