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American Cars.

They are getting a little bit closer. See, I’m all about simplicity…kind of. Something about the vibe portrayed in movies like American Graffiti that we are missing in today’s world. You can’t have a cool/simple car anymore. You have to have a ‘whip’ and it has to be foreign…and expensive. Don’t get me wrong, I’m quite guilty of perpetuating this. But what happened to cool American cars?! They truly don’t exist. I got excited when I first saw the concept of the new Mustang but it seemed a bit ‘toned-down’ when it actually came out. And the GT is incredible, but why would I spend that kind of money when I could by an SL-55 or the new V8 Aston? The new Shelby looks hot…but it’s not out yet and will be crazy expensive I’m sure. Plus, like I was just telling a friend…I want an American car that doesn’t make it look like I watch Nascar. That’s real!! So to all the American car companies: please try and grab our attention. Or someone start a new car company. Something. And Ford…come up with something new rather than rehashing. Even though being classic is key. Check out the new Shelby in the mean time.