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Amazon’s online grocery - classic comments…

For those of you who were disappointed when Webvan filed for bankruptcy a little while back, now you can get all your food on I know there are other online grocers like Peapod, Netgrocer, etc… But here’s the fun part about the online grocery store. The comments people leave. I mean - commenting on common foods, i.e. bananas, lettuce, grapes, etc. sounds, well, stupid…but it’s honestly a timewaster if you want something hilarious to read. Here’s a few golden comments, some of my favorites… For lettuce - “My only disappointment is that Amazon does not offer gift wrapping for this item. Lettuce makes great gifts for the entire family.” Ha… Bananas - “From the picture, I assumed that this item would fit into my ears or nose. This would have been helpful, as I’ve got some wax problems with the ears and some congestion problems with the ol’ schnozz. Unfortunately, when the item arrived, it proved far too large to be inserted into either orifice. Buyer beware!” I’m dying over here reading this… who would have thought comments on food on Amazon could be funnier than several wasted hours on or something watching videos of idiots do stupid things? Sorry, here’s a few more. Fresh Spanish Onions - “Boycott these onions! They are taking away all the jobs from perfectly good white onions!”... I mean…ha… Alright, last one, then you can go look for yourself. Lobster - “Because there’s nothing like taking a live animal larger than a cat, stuffing its struggling body into a pot, and listening to it scream as it tries to claw its way out of the boiling water. Honestly, the only thing more fun is hunting by bow and arrow, where you can really look that deer in the eye before you shoot it in the head.” Terrible. Haha, man. I hope other people find this as funny as I do…I’m almost in tears reading some of these. Link below to the potatos. Navigate your way around from there. Eat up!