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All I want for Christmas!!!

Every year it seems like Christmas time rolls around and there is a ‘must-have’ gift, usually for kids…Then of course this year everyone really is getting in on that with the HD DVD player sales, big TV’s, cheap external hard drives, etc. Nothing like adults lining up at 3AM outside a Target and fighting their way into stores to be the first to get something. I slept in on black Friday though. I’ve already figured out what all these people need to figure out. You can get most of these deals online from Amazon already. Anyways, I was thinking…what if you just got whatever you wanted for Christmas? Literally…every year…just whatever you wanted. Like if I wrote up a list this year… “Planet Earth DVDs on Blu-Ray/HD, Audi R8, 10 iMacs, five 10x10 foot Josh Keyes paintings, a live show in my family room with Radiohead, Kanye, and Fugazi all playing each others songs, a lifetime supply of gummy bears, a new Vitra white leather and polished aluminum Eames Lounge Chair, a blank check like the one Brian Bonsall aka Preston Waters (thanks Kevin) got in that movie, and a trip to another galaxy.” And I just got it all. No questions asked. I don’t even care where it all comes from. What if? Anyways, I was just reading the new Wallpaper yesterday and they had a little feature on some ‘must-have’ books…like that Charley Harper book that Todd Oldham worked on. Now that’s a good gift right there. What are some other would-be awesome gifts this year? Email us. And no, your start-up t-shirt company’s shirts are not a good gift. Don’t send us those emails.