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Aldi’s Marketing & Execution!

Aldi on this site?! Yes. I’ll be honest, the Aldi’s where I grew up were not places you wanted to visit…there was nothing brilliant about them except the cheap prices for ‘sour balls.’ This has changed a bit. While I haven’t actually been in one of there stores in well of 10 years, they seem to be doing some very interesting things. I’m not sure if it was just a local offer but they had an insert in my Sunday paper for an $89.99 iPod shuffle. Wow. The only place I have ever heard of to offer the product for that cheap. Rumor is, from people on the inside, is that Aldi is doing all sorts of stuff like this in the near future to help change their image and increase market share…what is interesting is there execution of deals/promotions like this. They are very tight-lipped about anything until the actual ad runs in the Sunday paper so big players (in this case) like Target, Wal-mart, and Best Buy can’t get the jump and lower their pricing to match or beat Aldi. Maybe I am the only one who finds this interesting… I just love when the underdog gets clever. That is the new way.