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475 small!!

Man, I’ve never really seen anything like this before…yet another thing I was ignorant to. Man, this service is nuts. They have this flash-based map that allows you to build a crazy trip, all sorts of connections in any city around the world that might interest you…then it comes back with a real-time pricing estimate in like 10 seconds. For example, I did NYC -> Paris -> Rome -> Barcelona -> Phuket -> Cook Islands - > Sydney -> Seattle. It came back with a few added suggestions, some other cool islands and an addition in Europe I think with a total pricing of $3850-$4500. Wow, that doesn’t sound all that expensive does it? Especially when you would be staying at hostels. Anyway, I love the interface on this site…one of the sites that’s fun to play around with. Also, when you are done with the pricing part they connect you with a travel agent to make all the adjustments and actually book everything. Anyway, cool site…check it out.