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Adapter, Jim Gaffigan, and some other random things! OMG!

I’m back from my vacation in Lake Ontario. I’m really tan now. Upstate New York has some…interesting people…you know. Where I was at was really nice…but when we headed into the closest town (about 45 minutes away), I saw the people that God still loves, but might not have spent so much time creating…you know…NASCAR fans and what-not…Anyways, thought I’d do a random post with some good links. So…
Jim Gaffigan is a comedian. One of my favorite comedians, in fact, and I’m going to see him here in Chicago at the Vic in October. He’s really pretty hilarious. He’s been on Sex and the City, those Sierra Mist commercials, Letterman, and lots of other shows before. Check him out ok!?
Next…this Japanese design company called Adapter. This is hot…these guys actually deserve a post all to themselves. The illustration and design on this site is beautiful. Some of the better design I’ve seen online lately. Easy to use site too, even if you can’t read Japanese. Asian letters all looks like this ###### anyways.
Country Fried Soul - Adventures in Dirty South Hip-Hop. This book looks really hot…I found out about it in the new issue of XLR8R magazine. Interviews with MJG, 8Ball, Jazze Pha, Ludacris…just a really cool looking coffee table book about dirty south hip-hop that will look great in your dorm room.
OK so this was like 5 posts in one…But I can do that if I want to. Lastly, and I’ll be posting about this again as it gets closer, but don’t forget about Semi-Permanent in NY in September. Link below! I’ll be speaking, Joshua Davis, Charlie White, Paul Pope, skinnyCorp…Should be really fun. VICE/KDU/THE Royal parties! OK!