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40/40 is 100% official!!!

My least favorite genre of bars are sports bars. If they were all like 40/40 that be a different story especially going on opening night to kick off a Vegas New Years extravaganza with ton of celebs nonetheless. It’s definitely cool but the small armys of security and just as many staff makes it difficult to really get a gist of the spot but my girl and I did our best. On a typical night there won’t be 3 separate clipboard threatening bouncers and a red carpet but neither will the worldwide Def Jam artists and now ex-presideto Jay-Z and Beyonce and their secret service. I didn’t really get that 40/40 was sports themed but it helps break up the monotony. It takes the edge off from having a strictly hip-hop club which is usually sketchy. The layout and decor makes this place way better than average. The VIP area is this cool movie theater stepped area of tables all facing towards this crazy huge crisp TV screen. Not the static-y ones we are all used to seeing in bars. The coolest part about the clubs design is that it was real unpredictable. The whole back side had this lower area that was way more chill and had a gold Gucci link mosaic pattern on the floor, nice non-typical touch. Stuff like that tells you that someone in the design office really gets hip-hop. DJ Cassidy playing Flashing Lights was the last piece of the puzzle.