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3 things I like right now!

I didn’t really want to make a post on each one specifically, so I just threw them all together. #1 - The Mash SF x Cinelli track bike. Whoa. Totally ground-up design, no corny branding, beautiful geometry, custom (!!!?) black Campagnolo Record groupo, and made from Columbus steel…had this been around at the time, I think I may have skipped on the Pista Concept. Maybe. Congrats to the Mash SF guys, you’re doing amazing things. #2 - The Peek mobile email device. Its the most stripped down mobile email device available - no phone, no internet, no apps, just email. Super thin, love the square design, and only $19.95 a month flat-fee for national access. I really hope they eventually offer an international package. I just dig this thing. Just a fun, useful, and simple device. #3 - Rob Brandt’s ceramic crinkle cups. Awesome. I have one sitting in my office. They’re the perfect substitute for boring (typical) wine glasses. Its amazing, they really look like a crinkled plastic cup. Super cool, and affordable.