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3-SWEEP is for the kids!

!!! Maybe I don’t spend enough time on the internet - ha… - but you only see stuff like this once or twice a year. Best bet is to watch the video at the link below before reading this post. Maybe I’m growing up or something, but what immediately came to my mind was young kids and this being a replacement to the expression of ideas in 3D that LEGOs gave me when I was kid. LEGOs + our hands were the first 3D printers kinda, yeah?

I think of my 8 year old nephew using the zillionth iteration of this 3-SWEEP software on an iPad and being able to take a picture of anything in his surroundings: the museum, on a hike, his backyard, an airplane flying over him, his friends, a tool in the garage, etc…or even better, finding any image he can dream of on Google Images…then converting it into a 3D object as shown in the video, then editing it into anything his wildest imagination can conjure up. Then printing it out via a 3D printer in whatever material he’d like. And doing all the in like 10 minutes. Forgive me for nerding out on this - but anything that accelerates imagination and creation im ALL IN on.

Can’t wait to see 4-SWEEP.

And I want a Bulls “3-PEAT” starter hat…but says “3-SWEEP”.