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2 weeks with the iPhone 3G..!

It’s post two weeks from me waiting in line…at the mall…right next to the Nextel pagoda-thing…at 8am…for a phone. But truth be told, I really don’t feel to ashamed of it. I’m a bit of a fan-boy for new product…and I had teh 4gb version of the first one, so it was time to upgrade. So yeah, some thoughts and impressions of the new phone: I got the black 16gb one, and the plastic back is considerably more durable than I would have expected - but I do miss the aluminum. The 3G speed is indeed much faster, noticeably - feels almost like wifi. The GPS is pretty amazing in how quickly it actually acquires a real GPs signal - very cool, very useful already. The louder speaker, which I didn’t think would be a big deal, is actually pretty great - I’ve used my phone as a ‘boom box’ already in a couple situations. It’s quite loud and clear. The new 2.0 software is great - push email support being the biggest. The app store is brilliant - 10 million apps downloaded the first weekend?! Wow. Phone Saber is the must-have app, ha. So all that being said…was it worth the upgrade? I think so. The GPS alone is almost worth it. But I’m a bit of an Apple fan-boy…so take that for whatever its worth. Cons? The cons are the really with the 2.0 software…some real stability issues. But I imagine that’ll be fixed soon. So yeah, it might have some issues, but its without question the best mobile phone I’ve ever owned. It may be the best piece of technology I’ve ever owned. And…and! I retired the BlackBerry…no more carrying two phones. Virgil might chime in on this post…he is now an iPhone user as well. Yea. I am addicted. It is the best “thing” i have ever owned…it promises alot and delivers on all accounts. I have been overdosing on our flickr page because it fun and thats how the iPhone rolls. crazy.