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$2,500 and 126,000 hits in a day: Ruben FM!!

It’s funny, I first heard of this director Ruben from the crazy list of links on the asilentflute blog when it was the source of ‘real’ information. Like 2 years later my friend Nino is like, “my friend Ruben is shooting this Kid Sister video in Chicago for basically no money and I need a stylist, quick”. So I called up Sharon Mackin at Barneys and wallah, a fresh video for next to nothing. I just saw an interview on The Fader he did a cool little behind the scenes/making of thing about the video. It’s cool. I love the fact how television is not even in the equation of music videos anymore. Its all about that attention grabbing camera trick or look & song and Youtube. (sidebar: anyone know that music video that has the people wear all black jump suits doing all the in-camera special effects/pls email me that) Check out Ruben’s cool back catalog of videos for M.I.A. and Dizzee Rascal etc.. He’s heavily involved with the Rob & Big too so you know he’s graduated to the big stage.