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Honestly - does anything get done on Fridays around 2:30? I’m not sure I’ve ever actually been hard at work on a Friday at 2:30. I might be at my computer and I’d tell people I’m “at work” but..yeah…nothing’s really…happening. Anyways - a little Friday reading for you.

☃ THEWORSTPORTFOLIOEVER - shout out to Alex Cornell for this one. “The worst portfolio ever” (TWPE) is a 110% hater but like 120% accurate so I’m good with it. Illustrating the proliferation of run-of-the-mill design portfolio sites that fall victim to mundane trends, TWPE tells it like it is. Little to no design being shown, glamour shots of Apple products with a designer’s work on it but real small, too much talking about themselves and their interests, not enough just…“here’s my work.” You can actually just read this bio intro and you’ll get it…ha. “I am a 23 year old designer/thinker living and making in sunny San Francisco. A penetrating storyteller, I like to massage my hand-crafted, beautiful pixels. I’m obsessed with kitesurfing, minimalism and making things easier and more delightful. I make stuff, I ship stuff, and I like creating engaging visual experiences for real people. I also like craft beers and whales.”

✏ I don’t play guitar, but I’ve been really enjoying Noisey’s series ‘Guitar Moves’ lately. Finding it really inspiring and just a lot of fun to watch. Matt Sweeney, a musician & the host of the ~10 minute episodes, basically sits down with renown musicians like Josh Homme, St. Vincent, James Williamson from the Stooges, Dan Auerbach, and others with a guitar and just picks their brain about how they learned to play guitar. They show some of their best stuff, play slowly so Matt and viewers can try to mimic what they’re doing, and it’s just fun to be a fly on the wall of what feels like a high-end guitar lesson.

☮ I know this absolutely deserves its own post, but have you seen this Nike Flyknit technology video?? Man…Nike just never settles for anything but the very best when it comes to their film, commercials, ads, everything. The detail in this is stunning…honestly one of the most visually memorable spots I’ve seen in a while. It was created by Digital Domain, who were actually also responsible for Hologram Tupac (!!!)

♫ Check out the work of Terry Fuiz . Outer space paint splatter jellyfish whatever. Dig it.

✞ ¯(ツ)/¯ still the best.

☸ I just closed this window on accident and thought I lost this post, but then I reopened it and here it is, so that’s good.

☣ Instagram video. I’m still torn on whether I love that it exists or hate it… a part of me “misses the old Instagram”, but it’s cool. I guess I just loved how simple Instagram was, but video was inevitable. There’s like a million articles about this, so whatever, just check out Benjamin’s one and only video he’s posted to IG so far. It’s the best thing.

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Have a cool weekend.