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Interview! > Timothy of 13thWitness! !

TB! > Tim! What's happening? How's life?

T! > Life is good, I've been quite busy these days. Which is a very good thing, as long as i get shit done.

TB! > Would you say you've having a good day? Anything interesting happen in the last 24 hours of your life?

T! > Well to be honest i still haven't really slept for the past 2 nights, But it has been an interesting 48hrs, i Just got back home from Harlem a few minutes ago, Kinda slow

TB! > Alright let's get down to business - give us a little info on yourself, your background, what you enjoy, what you do...

T! > I love technology; computers, cameras, Consoles, pretty much anything with an AC adapter. Very much into music production, Photography, Directing, And eating... I love eating!!! Oh man ask anyone.

TB! > For those who don't know - Timothy is Futura's son. How's that for being proud of the family legacy?! I guess the first question that comes to mind regarding this is how has it inspired your life? From the time you were a little kid up until now - has pops' career and all things "Futura" affected you in a big way?

T! > Whoa.. where shall i begin? He's the greatest dude ever. Used to wake up at 4:30 am to drive me to Ice hockey practice in the city, or go with me on the road for away games. he used to get psyched because driving to other states meant K-mart or Target exclusive toys unavailable in NYC. Those days were fun. Or the crazy bike rides we took in france when i couldn't keep up and he had to push my bike and me up the hill. I have so much respect and admiration for him. This list can go on and on and on. I just hope to be able to succeed in life at whatever I'm trying to do and to make my parents proud.

TB! > When I spoke with your dad on the phone the first time, it was so clear to me how important you and family are to him. I know this is the case for you too...just having family and friends be #1 in life. Is this something you try to maintain above all other things like work, etc.?

T! > Living alone is a different experience, its fun but i do miss my home and my family very much. And with everything going on with work and friends, family will always be # 1. We are witnesses to each others lives.

TB! > Just a candid and honest question here - do you ever step back and think or realize wow, my dad is pretty damn famous! Or is it all pretty commonplace to you after all these years in you aren't really phased by it, rather, very proud of the fact?

T! > It's hard to ignore the fact when people come up to him for autographs that he's pretty damn famous. But still, to me and to the people that know him forever he's just Lenny from the block.

TB! > Alright so - 13thWitness. What's the story behind the site? Obviously it's a photolog...But give us some background on it.

T! > Ok. Well its quite simple really. It's my way of showing the world my world, wether its through my pictures, crazy video clips or whatever the media may be.

TB! > What does 13thWitness mean?

T! > I've always loved that song by Dr. Octagon --> Bear Witness... But that domain was taken of course, then i thought of my lucky/unlucky number 13, And living on the 13th floor... this all just made sense to me at the time. Thus the 13thWitness was born.

TB! > Wanted to mention that not only are your photos extremely interesting to browse through, with all the events and different people you've got in there, but you're a fine photographer as well. Is photography in general just a passion and love of yours? Or just a recreational, journalistic type thing?

T! > Being born in age where Technology Rules Everything Around Me, its so easy to just take photos with a digital camera and not have to worry about developing film or anything like that.Thus virtually endless amounts of photos can be taken.But all of this started as just a fun hobby to document things going on every now and then, then people started telling me i had a good eye for shit. Little by little its become more of a passion than hobby.

TB! > Tell us about living in Japan. Seems like a lot of people have been making that move as of late... What's it like in comparison to the US? Favorite things about it? Least favorite things?

T! > i'm glad many people are making moves out here, its a very good idea. To learn culture you gotta see culture. And although i love and miss Brooklyn to death, i know that if i would have stayed there i wouldn't be doing as much with myself. As i stay here longer and longer my views about japan change at times, its a love-hate relationship... But i love how you can wake up in the middle of the night and go buy a TV and PS2 from Donkihote.I aslo love the food; Sushi, Yakiniku, Shabu Shabu, Yakitori, its all good. And If i had one complaint it would be that people are afraid, afraid to express their true feelings and thoughts. They hold back too much, You live once...make the best of it

TB! > --yo-- i'd really like for you to pick out a few of your favorite shots from 13thwitness (or even some ones that arent on there) and maybe do some kind of description for them..just kind of tell us what's going on in them....for example the one where you're at the FL opening in Japan and your dad's writing on the wall..just kind of explaining what was going on..or with the snakes..or the boxing video (just saw it from Splay..) - i'll let you take charge on this part -- maybe just select a few favorite photos (5-10?) and talk about em a little bit... what do you think?----

T! > i will send you 5 -10 pictures in the mail with a short description about each picture ---> what size is best for photos?

TB! > Who have you met along the way in life that you've been very impressed by? Whether its their background/roots, or what they're doing now, or what they're planning for the future - who has been influential to you?

T! > Hiroshi Fujiwara.... That dude is so next level. If you don't know, you better ask somebody.

TB! > Back to some roots questions...Where were you born? Did you grow up there? How did you end up in Japan?

T! > Born October 12th 1984, Bellevue Hospital. Raised in Brooklyn my whole life. My parents wanted to send me to Japan right after High School but i was like no. and then 6 months later there i was Japan it's been nothing but kanji ever since.

TB! > What is your favorite city in the world? Favorite country? If you could travel to any place in the world, where would you ideally go?

T! > Favorite city -----> NYC no doubt. Country ----> I love europe I hear the Maldives are amazing ----> might have to check that spot out if i had the chance.

TB! > So - I was told you are working for Burton currently. How's that going? What do you do for them?

T! > Correct. Burton is the best thing that could have happened to me. My official job title is Creative Coordinator. Basically what i do is handle any type of collaboration we might want to work on with other japanese brands, Do design for Burton, iDiom line, Organize events, sponsors. Basically I facilitate things.

TB! > You're still pretty young (only 20, right?) - so - what are you hoping/dreaming to do with the years ahead? Any big goals you're reaching for? Any plans to follow in a certain someone's footsteps?

T! > Young is a way to put it. I'm not sure what the final destination is right now, It's been an interesting ride so far. Just waiting to see where it takes me next.

TB! > When I asked your dad a little more about you, he said "Timothy is a sponge." So - you're obviously up on fashion, design, culture...everything. What are some of your favorite things happening in both sub and popular culture right now? In entertainment, fashion, music, whatever...What are you feelin' at the moment?

T! > People call me sponge bob, cuz i retain things in my head easily, well at least the things i wanna remember. --------> Fashion, Design, music I'm up on all that. Hmmm what am i feeling? Kinda not turned on by anything at the moment. I'm more into winter in terms of gear. right now reggae is huge out here and so is the whole club scene. As im sure you've witnessed.

TB! > It looks like you've had a chance to be inside Nigo's [of a bathing ape] house. Tell me about it, because I'm fascinated. Looks beautiful. Those cars!!!

T! > Yeah, its definitely insane inside either crib he's got. I don't know what to say anymore about him. He's another next level individual like Hiroshi, but on a different tip.

TB! > Let's talk about some brands...what are a few of your favorite brands? Anything - cars, clothing, record labels...whatever...Who do you rock and respect?

T! > Cars ---> BMW M3 (Stick) 2004 Model. Clothing ----> Burton, Masterpiece, FL, HardHit, Recon, Supreme Kicks -----> Lately Converse, and my Clarks. Represent Masterpiece Sound,

TB! > There's definitely some incredible photographers,illustrators, designers, and graff artists out there right now doing some cool things...especially the continual movement of graff artists into the toy world and more product based work. Who are some of your favorite artists, both past and current?

T! > Ricky Powell, Sue-Kwon for photography. There are too many good designers and Graff heads to name without leaving out a bunch. Heres some ill artists/graff headz, --------> Mode2, Lee, Zephyr, Dondi (Rip), Futura, Stash, Stay High 149, Tabatha ---> she's ill. There's tons more but this will do for now.

TB! > Let's knock some peoples' hustle. What brands are you just not into? Anyone seem to be making all the wrong moves in your eyes?

T! > Ecko, South Pole, Rockawear, Boss, -----> Will never wear it.

TB! > Hey - you have a lot of friends, it's obvious from the 'fam-fam' section of 13thWitness. Are most of these brands/people ones that you have discovered over time and enjoy, or do you personally know a lot of the people behind these brands/companies? Both? Confusing question? Ha...

T! > With the exception a few, i can easily say almost everyone on there is true Fam Fam of mine in some way.

TB! > Your old man said Pete Maravich. Who is your favorite basketball player? EVERYBODY needs to know.

T! > Not a real basketball fan, but if i had to name someone it would be Spreewell.

TB! > If you could put together a concert with ANY 5 musicians/bands - who would you pick, dead or alive?

T! > Big L, Jimmy Hendrix, Wu-tang + ODB , Artifacts, The Notorious......

TB! > What do you think of THE BRILLIANCE!? Have you ever had the chance to be side-by-side features with your dad for an interview before?

T! > I checked it all out last night. I like the site content very much, and its an amazing opportunity to do this interview with my dad for the site.

TB! > Winding down here - any final words you'd like to throw in? Anything random is cool...

T! > I've now been up for more than 48hrs.

TB! > Thanks man - we appreciate it. Let's catch up again in the future!