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Interview! > The Cool Kids !

THE BRILLIANCE! > The Cool Kids...what's the good word? How is everything lately?

MIKEY! > Everthings been going pretty ill I'd say. Trying to get work done and go to class at the same time.

INGLISH! > Coolin it, Everything is goody... waiting for it to get warm outstide

TB! > Before we get started, and yeah we always ask this...what did you guys have for breakfast this morning?

M! > Fruity pebbles with ice cold milk...that's one of the best interview questions Ive heard by the way.

I! > I had a Trail Mix Bar

TB! > You guys are fairly new outside of the Downtown Chicago scene - please introduce yourselves and give a little background/info on who and what you guys are.

M! > Im Mikey Rocks

I! > I'm Inglish

TB! > First question out - do you guys look at yourself as retro or new?

M! > I look at us as being new, but we definitely take some of the iller elements of old school hip-hop where dudes used to have fun and party. But we also take elements from other types of music old and new as well. However, I'm not a big fan of redoing something that's already been done just because it was successful back then. We just basically do what we want to do. Our variety of song concepts is reeeeetarded anyway lol.

I! > I look at our selves as dope.. I think what were doing hasn't been done yet.. but its remincent of old school joints.. mainly because we incorporate the basics..

TB! > I would certainly classify you guys as hip-hop music - but there is something decidedly different about what you are doing. The infamous line ' version of the Beastie Boys...' kind of sets that off. In fact, I actually heard someone call you guys 'hipster-hop'. With that being said - how do you classify yourselves?

M! > "Hipster-Hop" doesn't sound to cool hahaha. But nah, I cant really classify us...Society teaches us that everything has to fit somewhere, everything has to be categorized and labeled when in all actuality it doesn't really matter...

I! > Honestly.. We're just dope music.

TB! > This might be a corny 'music-interview' question - but where do you guys pull your influence from? Not just the music - but the swagger, the lifestyle, the fashion, etc.

M! > I just pretty much wear what I think is ill. I kinda shy away from brands and things that are really popular... not just to be a rebel but its just fun to dress fresh while still maintaining your own image and personality.

I! > Growing up mainly and what was cool during those years... but honestly We are very introverted kids... we take from each other.. we aren't easily influenced by much.

TB! > Seems like you guys got popular quick - congratulations on that. Would you guys say you're a classic case of 'we are huge on the net' type thing? Is that where the majority of growth came from? If so...any general thoughts on that?

M! > I definitely think that a lot of our buzz came from the internet via and just through word of mouth from shows and stuff. The internet is so powerful that you can pretty much run a whole

I! > I wouldn't say its mainly because of the internet... it was a lot of word of mouth, but the free range and accessibility the internet allows to discover new music was our biggest ally.. because now we don't nesscesarily need radio to break our records.. our Myspace page has become that mixshow.

TB! > In regards to the whole independent music thing in general - do you think it's the 'future'? Indie music has always been dubbed as 'not good enough for TV' type music - kind of too bad, but it looks like things are changing. What are your thoughts on the future of music and the role labels might play.

I! > I honestly i think the Indie music scene and the way its coming out.. is like what the cassette did to vinyl... and what cds did to cassettes... and what mp3s are doing to cds.. but with mp3s it can be obtained from anywhere... carried in everyway from laptop, to mp3 player, to Ipod and cell phones. So the labels control is being minimized and being put into the hands of the listener.. so basically the indie route eliminates the middle man

TB! > What about you guys being independent? I've always been how does it feel as you are rising as a group or an artist, starting to get offers/deals put in front of you, etc. Do you guys want to stay independent? And to what degree?

M! > Sometimes the deals and things like that can get mad tempting but then you gotta think about the long run

I! > Were nothing yet.. were just putting joints out.. and letting people discover us.. yeah I feel we have something the worlds been missing.. so when people hear it, they get it, and then they get us.. and when the people catch on the suits and ties get curious.. so that's where were at now.. I don't think independent is a sound or anything other than business title.. I don't mind being on a major if the situation is ill.. and I don't mind being independent as long as it gets to the people who want to hear our shit

TB! > What is 'next' for The Cool Kids? In terms of sound, touring, albums, etc...everything.

M! > Were constantly working but Im just as curious as you guys when it comes to whats coming next

I! > Were as curious as you are.... About the future... all I know is that were gonna drop some of the illest shit you've ever heard.

TB! > Favorite record of all time?

M! > I cant pick 1 but I can give you my top 3: Fly or die NERD, Aquemini Outkast, in the key of life Stevie Wonder.

I! > Outkast - Aquemini

TB! > Bananas or pineapple? Blackberry or Sidekick? Nikes or Vans? The islands or Europe? Gum or mints? Jay or Nas?

M! > Grapes, sidekick, Nikes, The islands, gum and They both have things about them that make them legendary.

I! > Pineapple, Sidekick, Nikes, Europe, Gum, Nas

TB! > The Cool Kids has a whole fashion aesthetic - what are your favorite shops and brands?

M! > Random thrift stores, flea markets, St. Alfred, Gas stations (you can find some crazy sh*t at the gas station sometimes.) Nike Town. Hole in the wall little sneaker joints. And there are mad places I'd love to go check out but I haven't had the chance to yet like flight club NYC, Supreme, and commonwealth.

I! > Inglish: I live for that ultimate find.. so I don't frequent stores.. I search hard for everything I tryin to shake niggas up... but St. Alfreds see more of me than anyone else.... they always surprise me. As far as brands go.. I dig aNYthing , Mike , Alife, and Orisue, but me personally, I really just rock the classic shit.. im holding on to my childhood.

TB! > Worst brand out right now? Best brand out right now?

M! > Worst brand in my eyes would be any brand that wack people wear trying to be cool instead of creative. Best Brands are Orisue (what up Chunk), GrnAppleTree is kinda fresh, Maharishi, Rockers NYC, Reason, Daves Quality Meats, and basically whatever you can make look ill.

I! > I cant say what's bad.. I mean ive seen some really bad shit.. and its soo much of it.. its unfair to say one and not say em all... but the best brand out rite now... aNYthing is getting busy

TB! > Favorite car brand?

M! > Don't have one , I don't know much about cars...I like dyno bikes, and consolidated makes ill skate decks.

I! > Chevy

TB! > What inspires you guys everyday?

M! > I just love making music, I like to constantly top myself. And the thought of me making a living doing something as fun as this.

I! > Knowing that I have the rare opportunity to make a living do what I love.

TB! > Favorite movie?

M! > Office space

I! > Crooklyn

TB! > Dream travel destination?

M! > Tokyo

I! > Japan

TB! > Favorite Magazines?

M! > The Fader, URB, YRB, Rolling Stone, National Geographic, Game Informer.

I! > Vice, Mass Appeal, ESPN, URB, YRB, Metro Pop, SOLE,

TB! > Daily websites?

M! > Myspace (obviously) Facebook, Hypebeast sometimes,,

I! > Myspace. ESPN, Hypebeast, Slam x hype,

TB! > Were any of you guys hip to THE BRILLIANCE before this interview? Any thoughts on it?

M! > My manager spoke of it a couple times and then I went and checked it out for myself...Dope site guys keep it up. You guys seem pretty credible as well.

I! > Its like the Dope shit newspaper

TB! > I think that's it - any final thoughts? Anything random is fact, you can even do shouts outs (are they still cool to do?)

I! > Shout out to the guy who invented the Mini Cereal boxes.. he's a genious