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Interview! > Simon from Concept Shop! !

THE BRILLIANCE! > Tell us a little about yourself.

CONCEPT SHOP! > Hi! U can call me Simon and I am 1 of the partner of Concept Shop. U can find me at Concept Shop all the time and all the email to Concept Shop is reply by me.

TB! > Where is Concept Shop located?

CS! > Here is the official address: 226 Floor 2/F, Winning Commercial Building 46-48 Hillwood Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. It is locate at a small shopping center.

TB! > When did you start/get involved with Concept Shop?

CS! > Concept shop start the online business at around 2001 August. And the real shop was open at 2002 and we moved to a big shop at 2003.

TB! > Can you tell us how Concept Shop works? How do you get stock and handle orders? How much traveling is actually involved?

CS! > We are mostly selling Japanese Ura Harajuku brand and we will have new stock every week. All of the goods are come from Japan Directly and 100% Authentic! My partner Kevin is the purchaser at Japan. He gets over 90% stocks of Concept Shop. Usually I will go to Tokyo 1 time per month in order to update the information and meet my friends.

TB! > How much of your time does being involved with Concept Shop take up?

CS! > Be honest, Concept Shop almost take all my time. Even the shop close, I still need reply email from all over the world since Concept Shop Online is opening 24 hrs.

TB! > We have heard stories about a lot of these shops only letting each customer buy one of each item and only in their size... Do you guys ever run into problems getting product? Any funny stories with that?

CS! > Yes most of the shops only letting customer get 1 item only. Especially the limited item. That's why u can see most limited item in Concept shop only have little stock. HAHA! Sure we have method to get some more but this is Secret. Sometime I also dun no how Kevin can get. Sometime we need line up again and again until the product sold out and mostly we need line up overnight to get some rare item!

TB! > Are you well known at these shops? You buy quite a bit of product; I'd imagine you stand out.

CS! > There are several Shops in Hong Kong like us and many staffs in Japan already known us and some of them will check our online shop and newsletter too. Sometimes we buy so many that make us quite stand out, haha.

TB! > Do you wear any of the products yourself? Are you into these brands?

CS! > Sure and my favor brand is a bathing ape and W)Taps !

TB! > Do you have relations with any of the brands you re-sell?

CS! > At this moment, No.

TB! > What's the craziest thing you guys have ever sold? I think the Bape Cap condoms are a pretty weird product.

CS! > The Bape Cap is nice and can u imagine we bought 500 Condoms in one day. I think the Shark Hoody from Ape is also crazy, we just sold around US 380 in 3 months ago but now the ebay price is around 1800 - 2000 USD! Oh My God!

TB! > What about your website? It's so old-school in design... Is that on purpose?

CS! > Be honest I am not too skillful in web design and I am too lazy to learn too! Many people suggest me to renew it but I really no time to do that. And I think the most important of an online store is quick reply and quick update.

TB! > Any new future plans for Concept Shop?

CS! > We hope we can open 1 more shop in future that focus to High End Brand. And also to renew the website! Sure we are still planning to design our own brand but it is till planning.

TB! > I know we are brand new, but what are your thoughts on THE BRILLIANCE? Are we the best site on the internet?

CS! > Be honest I only know little about THE BRILLIANCE but I will check it out daily. And I hope your guys will give us more and more information in future! I think the best site in Internet is HAHAHA!

TB! > Last question... Can you hook me up with a Bape Shark Hoody for like $100?

CS! > Sure ! Because the Fake Shark Hoody already selling at the market, also the Red Camo Zip Up and Sweater! Beware!