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Interview! > Oxy Cottontail !

THE BRILLIANCE! > 1 – What did you have for breakfast?

ROXY! > A red apple and lots of water.

TB! > 2 – What would be the theme song/track to this interview?

R! > Low Budgets newest mix “Club Shotta”

TB! > 3 – Who are you and what do you do?

R! > I’m Roxy or Oxy, I hustle music mostly. I book bands, DJs, clubs, events, A & R, get sponsors, I manipulate smart alcohol brands.

TB! > 4 – Why the name ‘Oxy Cottontail’?

R! > Drugs & Booty, I love them both.

TB! > 5 – How many events/parties do you throw on average every month?

R! > About 10
TEENAGE KICKS - Thursday Weekly

The Best Oxy parties to look out for...

TB! > 6 – What inspires you to get out of bed every day?

R! > Loving that I can expose new music to the world and getting paid to be me.

TB! > 7 – How many minutes in your cell phone plan?

R! > So many. I have no clue but I’ve had a 90 page phone bill before.

TB! > 8 – If you knew you wouldn’t fail, what would you do?

R! > I’d go buy 50 lottery tickets right now. The parties would never end. I might propose to this dude I love that he propose to me.

TB! > 9 – What is the best party you have ever thrown?

R! > Damn that’s a hard one. Maybe Halloween last year with Diplo, Catchdubs & King Solomon, I had a birthday party at Bowery Bar with DJ Technics and Hollertronix that felt like a dream. Bringing Andre Nickatina, Screwed Up Click and Devin the Dude to NYC for their performances were so memorable. The list could go on.

TB! > 10 – You are head of marketing & promotion for aNYthing right? How did you and the Don connect?

R! > Aron is the head of marketing & promotion. He creates many amazing visions, he and I handle the majority of music, events & press. We work together on that. My title is Jane of all Trades, Master of Fun. We met through an amazing woman, Sarah Bronilla. She’s not really on the scene anymore (I wish she was), but this genius of a girl suggested Aron and I work together, I guess it was about 2 or 3 years ago. She was so right, I gave him the first Hollertronix mix CD “Never Scared” and Plastic Little “Thug Paradise”. I approached him, he agreed to do a party with me on Friday the 13th of February 04 and its been a blast ever since.

TB! > 11 – What makes an Oxy party different than any other party?

R! > I have a very culturally diverse crowd. A supply a place where native New Yorkers as well as new imports in the city can come together and hear dope music. I bring new music from Baltimore, Philadelphia, San Francisco & Texas to New York City regularly. I often bring my parties to other places. It’s an exchange program I love.

I also promote female DJs and rappers too. I like to put it on blast for the ladies.

TB! > 12 – Are you the best at what you do?

R! > I try to be the best at what I do, I have a very supportive community. But nah, I don’t have much competition. As the Don says: “Never not working”.

TB! > 13 – Favorite restaurant?

R! > Blue Ribbon

TB! > 14 – I love the ‘Screw York City’ thing…was it your idea?

R! > Haha, awesome, the night was my concept with Matt Sonzala of Houston So Real, actually this kid Nick Atkins at the aNYthing office (he’s a designer) named the party. DJ Drama of ATL is going to be my next conquest.

TB! > 15 – What is your favorite chopped & screwed album?

R! > UGK & DJ Screw “Ridin Dirty” is classic. Ayres & JD just did a “Houston for Dunnies” mix, it’s fire!

TB! > 16 – What do the next 5 years look like for you and your business? Any dreams?

R! > As Espo would say, “I don’t predict the future, I just report the news”.
I got some tours coming up. My homegirl AMANDA BLANK is blowing up.
As the aNYthing record label grows I will be growing with it. Mad events. I’m about to get sponsored by a couple different brands.
I also recorded a song with Aaron La Crate called “Oxy Cottontail” coming out over Easter. I sing and rap, my girl Amanda helped me ghost write the song when Aaron forced me to get in the studio. It’s such a dope song and apparently is getting love in Europe right now. I’m excited!!!

TB! > 17 – How long have you lived in NYC?

R! > Almost 9 years, with a brief 9 months in Philly. But I’m from outside of Baltimore.

TB! > 18 - So you went to Pratt for design, right? What kind of role does art and design play out in your life these days?

R! > Yes, I have a Pratt design degree for Industrial Design. I think of Event planning as design. My website and flyers are all art directed by me. The DJ I choose has just as much importance as the fabric of a chair. I took Transportation Design classes at Pratt with Prof. Martin Skalski, he thought so abstractly, I think his classes had a HUGE impact on my life and the way I think and create memories for people.

TB! > 19 - What is your favorite travel spot in the US? Internationally?

R! > USA, Key Largo cause my grandparents are there, but Hawaii, damnnnnnn Oahu is something else.
Internationally, Jamaica or Amsterdam. I need to go to Europe more.

TB! > 20 – What do you think about THE BRILLIANCE?

R! > I’m into it, I like getting exploited in the right way so this is perfect. You cover some really cool shit, sup with that blimp? Can we do a party in that thing or what?

TB! > (BONUS QUESTION!!!!) - Who would win in a fight: Mark the Cobra Snake or Henry Rollins?

R! > Why you trying to instigate, I’m neutral. Who got more hits, me or you?
I am partial to Black Flag though.

TB! > (FINAL QUESTION) – Shout outs?

R! > Hollertronix Familia...Diplo, Low Budget, Amanda Blank, Spankrock, Sweatheart, Nick Catchdubs, Plastic Little, Dirty South Joe & all of Philadelphia
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