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Interview! > Matthew of Malin+Goetz !

`THE BRILLIANCE! > Malin & Goetz, this is 20 questions with THE BRILLIANCE...let's go.

1 - What did you guys have for breakfast? `

MATTHEW MALIN! > Latte, same as everyday. Goetz has yogurt and fruit everyday, and, today, he also had a soft boiled egg.

TB! > 2 - How would you describe the Malin+Goetz to someone who had has never heard of it?

MM! > A modern unisex interpretation of traditional apothecaries.

TB! > 3 - Why is Malin+Goetz important?

MM! > It is an easy, uncomplicated, and effective for both men and women.

TB! > 4 - How did you connect with Anisa Suthayalai of Default?

MM! > We have had a long term friendship with the partners at 2x4 who created the identity for M+G. Anisa worked directly on our project for 2x4.

TB! > 5 - Why is your retail space so incredible?

MM! > It was designed by Craig Konyk, incorporates all of 2x4's ideas, and our concept and products. It is multi-purpose and multi-dimensional. It is a modern day neighborhood apothecary similar in idea to those found 100 years ago in London or Paris. It is slick and beautiful and clinical and urban. It wears many hats, so, it is a retail location, but, like old pharmacies that mixed products for you in the back, we have a back room that is our wholesale office. It is a view for our customers into our complete world. We ship and pack all orders, meet with editors, and run our global business from one long table behind of and in view from the store. And, at night, that table becomes host to a variety of design and beauty industry friends for dinner parties in the space and in full view of passersby from the street. Finally, the store is prototypical of future stores: a white box inserted inside of a larger industrial space. This box can easily be replicated in a surfer shop in LA or inside a Barneys New York store.

TB! > 6 - What inspires you to get out of bed every day?

MM! > We love what we do and have a great family and friends.

TB! > 7 - What about these new scents you guys just launched...why did you pick the 'flavors' that you picked?

MM! > Lime Tonic is symbolic of what is natural in our formulas. Synthesized Musk is symbolic of what is technological in our treatments. When layered or worn together, they create balance in scent-like our cleansers and moisturizers (always in pair) create perfect ph balance for your skin. They are opposites (like our cleansers and moisturizers). Lime is fresh and invigorating. Musk is soft, warm, subtle. Tonic is a mainstay of old apothecaries to offer well being. Musk, also a mainstay, cannot be derived naturally and must be synthetic or modern. They are unisex-one for you, one for your partner, and, together, they work best as a team! Opposites attract.

TB! > 8 - What is the most played song in your iPod right now?

MM! > Unfortunately, something from Kruder and Dorfmeister. Don't get me wrong, we love them; however, I keep my Ipod in the office and it hasn't been updated in a while. So, we hear the same stuff everyday.

TB! > 9 - Sky dive or bungee jump?

MM! > Sky Dive

TB! > 10 - You guys documented your whole start-up process...what part was the most stressful?

MM! > Documenting the process. But, it was also therapeutic, putting things into perspective. Overall, manufacturing is the most taxing aspect of our business.

TB! > 11 - What was the most incredible part of the start-up?

MM! > That we did it and that people responded.

TB! > 12 - Did manufacturers / bottlers / printers ever question your ideas?

MM! > Always. We cannot tell you how many times a printer would assume that we had "made a mistake" and tried to correct what was otherwise intentional. For instance, our labels use text that gradates, and we were often asked if it was on purpose.

TB! > 13 - French fries or edamame?

MM! > French fries, of course!

TB! > 14 - Favorite sneaker / shoe?

MM! > I am wearing K-Swiss today but have a vast collection of shoes. My favorite accessory.

TB! > 15 - Has the Malin+Goetz brand passed your expectations?

MM! > By triple!

TB! > 16 - What is your favorite product within the line?

MM! > Malin (dry and sensitive) is Face Cleanser and Goetz (oily) is either Face Scrub or Face Moisturizer

TB! > 17 - What's the deal with all the dog pictures on the website?

MM! > We love dogs and have two: an English Bulldog named Bob and a French Bulldog named Junior. They are our store mascots as well. As such, they have cultivated quite a following amongst dog enthusiasts. Since we are such a destination for neighborhood dogs, we began putting photos of them up on our website. Now we get photos from customers around the world of their dogs.

TB! > 18 - If you knew you wouldn't fail, what would you do?

MM! > Somehow that seems too easy. While our risks have been calculated, they have been challenging. Too easy is dull and boring. In addition to M+G, we both love food-maybe something with food or a winery.

TB! > 19 - What is the average customer of Malin+Goetz like? Is it a young, hip crowd? Or is it very general age and style range?

MM! > Pretty specific. While there is a range, our core customer is 50/50 men and women between 25-45 and urban. Hip-I like that.

TB! > 20 - What do you think about THE BRILLIANCE?

MM! > Brilliant. Is that cheesy? The Brilliance is innovative and diverse. I live in New York for diversity. It keeps me interested and inspired. Keep up the good work. You guys are next level...thanks for your time!