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Interview! > Jen Stark !

THE BRILLIANCE! > What did you have for breakfast?

JEN STARK! > Hmm....Scrambled eggs, toast, sausage and oj...I cooked it!

TB! > So your work is pretty wild...I called it 'psychedelically precise' in my post. Tell us more about your work and maybe what you would classify it as. Specifically the construction paper pieces.

JS! > Wow, I like that "psychedelically precise". Thats right on. Oh...I like this one "psychedelic science" Thats it....we just figured out the perfect phrase. Nice job. So...about my is very labor intensive...almost meditating. I cut precise shapes in construction paper/cardstock, then fold and stack them into crazy sculptures. Everything is piece by piece. No laser cutters. Just an exacto and some times a ruler or compass so I can make sure my lines don't go too crazy.

TB! > If your work had a soundtrack, what songs would be on it?

JS! > Psychedelic machine sounds...with evolving repetition and little surprise words. I'm trying to get one of my friends to make some music for an animation I'm doing. His stuff is pretty good.

TB! > Did you do art school? Would you recommend it?

JS! > Yes I did art school. Maryland Institute College of art. I don't recommend Baltimore. But I do recommend the whole college experience. I think its important to go away and live by yourself with other crazy kids. The school was pretty good. Its really what you make of it...some people hated it but thats because they didn't push themselves.

TB! > Is art your day job?

JS! > Yes..pretty much. Its art all day and all nite. I have a mini-part-time job (no more than 20 hours a month) helping the owner of a hotel on South Beach "The Sagamore" with her art collection. She has alot of nice work and just recently bought one of my pieces.(woo)

TB! > The construction paper pieces - when did you make your first one? Was it a progression from another style/piece of art?

JS! > I made my first construction paper piece during college when I went to study in France(Aix-en-Provence). Since we were only allowed to bring 2 suitcases for 5 months I decided I'll just get my art supplies when I got there. Well, the Euro was way above the dollar and things were expensive so I decided to get one of the cheapest things--a stack of construction paper--and see what I could do with it. And then the sculptures where born.

TB! > What's the inspiration behind the pieces?

JS! > Science, pyschedelic patterns, microscopic designs in nature.

TB! > Would you consider yourself to be a 'big' or well known artist?

JS! > Oh no... A few people know me...but I still have a long way to go. I'm working hard!

TB! > Favorite magazine?

JS! > Preen...'cause they just featured me(coming soon)..yay!

TB! > Favorite artists or tracks right now?

JS! > Purple Rain....Prince. I like to play this over and over.

TB! > Palm trees or pine trees? Regular cellphone or blackberry? Blue or red? Taffy or chocolate? Europe or the islands?

JS! > Palm Trees (Miami, bro) The Celly Blue, Red .....and Yellow!(These make all colors for me to cut) Chocolate yo...I don't like getting junks stuck in my teeth.

TB! > Favorite travel destination?

JS! > Bahia Honda(a campsite/national park on the beach) in the Keys

TB! > Any museums or galleries you would really love to see your work shown in?

JS! > OOoohhh. Probably the Whitney, any MOCA's, the Guggenheim, in Miami the Perrotin gallery.

TB! > Had you ever heard about THE BRILLIANCE before we contacted you? What do you think about us?

JS! > No, but I'm glad to know you now. I think you are the whip cream on an ice cream sundae. You guys have an awesome site.

TB! > Any random closing thoughts? Anything is cool here...really, whatever you want.

JS! > I will be having a champagne bubble bath soon in honor of Biggie Smalls. Shout out to a great artist/t-shirt maker extraordinaire...and he's my boyfriend. woowoo! Thanks to "The Brilliance"..."The Best"!