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Interview! > Ibn Jasper !

TB! > Ibn what's goin down, what continent are you on right now?

IJ! > I'm in Australia, on tour with U2.

TB! > Anything special for breakfast today?

IJ! > Nah, just eggs, hash browns and toast.

TB! > What fashion trends did you take part of that you now somewhat regret?

IJ! > What did The Game say? "I don't regret what I spit, cuz I know what I say". I not really trendy, I'm a leader, so I know what I'm doin, ya dig!

TB! > Being a jetsetter which city across the globe has the most favorable ladies per capita?

IJ! > The most flavorful ladies per capita is Tokyo, then NYC.

TB! > BSP "Black Star Power". How often do you guys have to call on it. Any crazy airport/club/hotel stories?

IJ! > Oh, we use BSP everyday. Everytime we're in the airport we use it to get in front of everybody else in line, The club is like a candy store for us, and the hotel? Too many stories to tell, i don't want to incriminate anyone, lol...

TB! > What happens when the crew is shopping and everyone sees a fresh jacket in Gucci and everyone wants to cop it? Draw straws?

IJ! > Kanye gets 1st choice of course, but he usually can only rock shit once, so that means I might get it for free! YES! But if we all like it, we all cop it, we just don't wear it on the same day.

TB! > How important is it to you to document your travels? What's your favorite photo of the last month?

IJ! > Very important. I have 7000 pics in my I-photo, and that's just from last November. My recent fave is when I took pics of Kanye and Justice vs. Simeon backstage @ the MTV EMA's, that was so much fun.

TB! > Finally, people are realizing the connection between skate culture and hip-hop aren't such a big deal. What are your thoughts on that and what's your favorite trick?

IJ! > It's funny to me that black people think sk8ing is cool now (duh). I've been sk8ing since '86, got on flow fro Dogtown in '90, and was tryin hard to get sponsored by H-Street. I'm a Vet, ya dig. Sk8ing is what gave me my " I can do anything I can think about" mindset. That's how you learn the tricks, you think about them, then you teach your body how to do them. It's the same exact thing as hip hop, with the rebelliousnes and everything. My favorite trick that I do is ollie backside grabs (Melonchollies), I think i'm the Black Matt Hensley. I just ollied over a shoppin cart 2 weeks ago, I'm 31 yrs old, so that is a major accomplishment, since I quit sk8ing for 10yrs, and just started back. I still got it!

TB! > Top 3 clothing brands/labels?

IJ! > Both luxury and streetwear oriented. I love Gucci, I like Kaws' Original Fake, and Maharishi

TB! > What's your luggage of choice? Is it an "at least 20 Louis" situation?

IJ! > I use the reular suitcases cuz we travel so much, your suitcases get fucked up real bad. I got that sqare Gucci duffel for the carry-on tho.

TB! > How do you pack for a worldwide trip when you know your gonna be picking up mad gear? Do you ever have to ship stuff back?

IJ! > Hell yea, we ship stuff back almost weekly. We shop so much. I also pack an extra duffel for stuff that I don't want to risk gettin stolen in customs or whatever.

TB! > How many minutes are on your cell phone plan? Blackberries are pretty much standard, huh?

IJ! > Don is Mr. Blackberry. You know Kanye did that Boost Mobile commercial, so we got unlimited free service in America, but I got an unlocked Motorola Rzr, so i can put any SIM card in it. No matter where I am in the world I can just go and get their local phone service, so I'm never spending for international service. I just got a black rubber Motorola Q from Motorola, they're not out yet. haha...

TB! > Keys to having personal style and being a trendsetter? Can this be taught?

IJ! > No this can't be taught, you have to have it in u. It's called vision. Just think about all the rich people that you see that just can't dress for shit.

TB! > What is the number 1 essential travel accessory for jetsetting?

IJ! > Passport (I'm on my 3rd right now)

TB! > Who do you think is gonna come out on top with the best Hip Hop album of the 4th quarter? What's your theme song for the moment?

IJ! > I think The Big Homie Hov is gonna have the best album of the 4th quarter. I'm feelin Game's album. My theme song is Jim Jones' "BAAALLLLLIIINNN!!!"

TB! > Flying private? Is it really that much better? Its gotta be.

IJ! > Yes, there is nothin like it...

TB! > Monte Carlo or Milan? Roscoes chicken and waffles or Harolds Chicken? LA or Chicago? Nike's or Vans? Ferrari or Phantom?

IJ! > Hmmm, Milan: really good shopping and the super-luxurious Bvlgari Hotel; Harolds, of course; I like LA and Chicago the same, but LA's weather is better; Nikes, but I love Vans tho; Ferrari or Phantom? The McLaren Mercedes SLR, Kanye just copped one. It's a Ferrari and a Phantom in 1 car!

TB! > Your largely know as a top barber. You must consider it an art. Who are your artistic inspirations? Any odd requests for designs in people heads?

IJ! > Shaun Rose, Maury Gresham, Corey Lynch and the late Frank Briscoe were the barbers who took me under their wings and showed me how to be THE BEST @ this. My inspiration comes from what ever catches my eye. I would say that the oddest request is to ask me to cut your hair @ all. My cuts go for $1500, no less. You need a video budget to even afford me, and you have to go through my agent Sara. ( She's the person who tells me who I have to cut. She got Derek Luke to be my newest client, I think he might win an oscar for that "Catch a Fire" movie.

TB! > What's the haircut for 2007? Your stars did some damage in 2006?

IJ! > Yea niggas was bitin the stars too crazy. I got niggas gettin designs in they head again, ha. You'll just have to wait and see what's next tho.

TB! > Having been to Nigo's crib is it really as outlandish as we have heard?

IJ! > It's actually more crazy than any article or pics that you've ever seen. Nigo is THE BIGGEST STUNTER ALIVE, but he only fucks with classic, quality products.

TB! > Whats next? Any future endeavors your looking to launch?

IJ! > My clothing line.

TB! > What websites do you checkout daily?

IJ! > Myspace and Hypebeast.

TB! > Who should we interview next?

My man Mik from Greedy Genius

TB! > Name 2 underrated people the average person doesn't know about?

IJ! > Takashi Murakami and Sean Stussy.

TB! > Does THE BRILLIANCE make any sense to you? Ever heard of us? Thoughts on our steeze?

IJ! > Yea it makes sense, it shows where this shit starts. Ever see "The Devil Wears Prada"? That scene where she breaks down the science on the blue sweater the new assistant was wearing. That's THE BRILLIANCE!

TB! > In standard closing fashion, you have any shout outs. Go ahead and spread the love…vouch for stuff.

IJ! > I just wanna give a shout to all the people that are making a DIFFERENCE, and changing the world, peace, 1 love....