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Interview! > Dee & Ricky! !

TB! > What's your favorite breakfast food?

DEE! > Gummy bears in a cold bowl Milk.

RICKY: An english muffin with honey and butter. a side of fresh fruit and smoked salmon on a bagel.

`TB! > Rather than ask how old y'all are, I just need to know if y'all were watching Jordan in his prime?

D! > Hell yeah

R! > while eating prime rib

TB! > Favorite neighborhood in NYC? Favorite food spot in LA?

R! > Roscoes hands down

D! > What he said.

D! > China towns that pop.

R! > Wall Street.

TB! > Let's talk about the LEGO accessory takeover. More importantly tell us about when the light bulb went off in your head.

D! > A light bulb never went off we didn't get a chance to pay out electric bill.. But We just did it one day because we were tired or wearing controllers on out waist wanted something more lowkey, we had the lego belt back in 06.. Only ricky was rocking it.. We Had it on ice for a yr.. Then we was at a party in the hamptons ran into one of Marc boys.. He's like yo is that a gucci lego belt?.. Im like yep.. He's like marc would love that im like marc who? He's like marc jacobs im like oword? That's dope.. Then We exchanged contacts.. 2 days later he hits me up like hey dudes im at the mercer.. Come threw bring a couple belts.. Went there enjoyed some beverages polyed at bit.. Gave him some belts.. Next day marc calls us like dude.. I love the belt idea.. Lets do something for fashion week.. Fashion week happend to be a week away but we pulled it off. The show was grand.. And Marc was our big break.. So that's basically how the legos came about it evolved from another idea.. And its ben a success from the likes of takishi and kanye wearing our pieces and a hand full of other celebs and such in that genre

TB! > I am most intrigued by y'all's ability to extend your image in the streets into a super relevant brand that's capitalizing. Do you feel like work has just begun?

R! > Ahhhh.. Thanks man.. Nope.. Because Works been begun.. Were doing the same things we've always done, "were never not working"

D! > thanks man... that's what its about capitalizing.. Nope don't feel like its just begun, We've been doing this forever.

TB! > Jackson Swinton...what's poppin' with the music career?

D! > Right now all JacksonSwinton does is play Rockband & Gears of war all day, Those kids are lazy as hell. Haha the music career is just for fun though we weren't taking it that serious. JacksonSwinton was a group that basically made songs of stuff they did or liked. Listening to one of the JacksonSwinton songs is like a night out on the streets with us. We even performed with Busy P and Uffie @ Cochella. That shit was insane.

TB! > That Rockband much creative input y'all have? The photos looked super fresh. That promo video was super cool.

D! > Thanks, It was just something I always wanted to do since Rockband came out, Russ&Reyn these dope ass photographers that we fucks with shot the video( I was like hey lets do a stop motion to promote the shindig, we just shot it in like 5 mins Reyn added the music came out sick, Everyone loved it. Son that party was soo0oo crazy, I was twisted.. Open bar everything. Made out with like 5 chicks... This dickhead Swinton broke the whole Rockband set and the end of the party.. Harmonix sent me a bunch of new ones anyways..(shout to John Drake).

TB! > Tell me about the manufacturing process of the Dee & Ricky LEGO pieces. Any interest to explore any other materials?

D! > Every piece is hand made by us, that's why that shits so expensive. Ahhaa order are crazy, sometimes I don't feel like doing them.

R! > Yeah we definitely have out hands on a bunch of new materials, A lot of ground breaking stuff. Stay tuned.

TB! > How many interns you got on staff?

D! > Got a few bad spanish mamis running around handling some task, If there are any other hot women that would like to intern for us please send your photo and your resume to: =)

R! > hahahahahahaha

TB! > What's your philosophy on getting money? Is creativity or being successful your motivating factor?

D&R! > Both, Plus being successful is the shit, all those teachers and other mf's that told you you wouldn't amount to you feel stupid & also all the haters reading this..

TB! > If you had to work a desk job what would it have to be?

D! > I'd be a paper weight

R! > I'd rather slit my wrist, Than to have a desk job. (Pulls razor out)

TB! > Who was the last person that had you star struck?

D! > Ehh I don't get star struck, Unless it was Homer Simpson or maybe George Jetson or if Matt Damon ran up on me and stuck me over the head with a bottle, Yeah that's the only way.

R! > Even if a star hit me I wouldn't be struck. We don't do those. Nah actually if I woke up and seen Angelina Jolie in the bed with me I would be.

TB! > What's your collective philosophy on effecting culture.

D! > I just do what I do, Wake up in the morning and get dressed, hahha I can't give up all my secrets.

R! > I aint got nothing better to do.

TB! > Vans or Redwings? Vogue or Complex mag? Blackberry or Sidekick? Soulja Boy or Bow Wow? Facebook or Twitter? Jeff Koons or KAWS? Lady Gaga or Lykke Li? Aisle or Window Seat?

D! > I was looking at the new June issue of "Vouge" when suddenly "Soulja Boys" turn my swag on started pumping through the radio, So I turned my swag on and threw on a fresh pair of "Skate Highs" Ricky hit me up on my "Sidekick" and said "Kaws" sent him a message on face book to meet at his office in 45 mins, We flagged a cab hopped in I sat near the "Window" pissed off because the fucking cabby was pumping that "Lady Gaga song mad loud".

TB! > What type/kind of wallet do you carry?

D! > Wallets are scams.

R! > Don't carry a wallet.

TB! > If y'all had to wear one pair of shoes for the rest of your life what would they be?

D! > Tabi boots, Shinobi Ninja shit.

R! > Those sandals jesus had. They look super comfy, Or some Moccasins.

TB! > Top 5 most important brands in the world.

D! > Tropical Fantasy, LEGO, Johnson&Johnson, Haribo, IBM.

R! > Nabisco, Procter&Gamble, Microsoft, Food Network, Hannah-Barbera

TB! > So, what are the first few blogs y'all check everyday?

D! > Digg, Thisis50,

R! > Mediatakeout, Tmz, All those juicy gossip spots... Oh yeah a tad bit of nahright and umm yeah that's probly bout it.

TB! > Dee & Ricky's dream concert would have which 3 artists (dead or alive) on the bill?

R! > El Debarge, The Smiths,Michael Jackson

D! > Phil Lynott/Lizzy, Queen, hhahaa G-dep and p.diddy would have to do lets get it and special delivery..

TB! > Last thing you bought purely for styling your living room?

D! > Didn't buy anything, I stole one of those Andre x Belvedere portraits from the Bowery hotel when they had that huge party, On another note,where can I get a bottle of that stuff? That stuff was tasty had me sitting silly.

R! > HD projector, being playing xbox on that jammy.

TB! > How many unread emails & and what capacity of your gmail is already filled up?

D&R! > 4063 unread emails 2370 read plus this.... You are currently using 2791 MB (38%) of your 7328 MB.

TB! > Who are y'all's living style icons?

D! > Bart Simpson, Jerry Seinfeld, Prince...

R! > Peewee Herman, Matthew Broderick, Michael Chamber.. haha Roger Klutz.. that leather was sick.

TB! > I am sure y'all get asked for advise all the time on how y'all got to where your at... What's your typical response. Do you think advsie can inspire kids or leading by example is what really matters?

D! > Hell yeah... Emails about advise all day.. i just tell ppl to do wtf they want. We've even been asked to speak at a bunch of college hahaha... if we spoke at one ethier all the kids would grow up to be billionaires or... They will all misrabley Fail.

TB! > What Hip-Hop video made the biggest impact on your personal style growin up?

D! > Sir Mix Alot- Baby Got Back.. oh yeah and ummm .. NWA- Straight out of Compton

R! > Being From Staten Island i'd have to say Raekwon: Ice CReam

TB! > Where's yall's hometown. What was yall's reputation in highschool?

D&R! > (Shout) Arlington Projects, Staten Island NY 93,85,65,35,10303. Highschool was crazy we could write a book about that shit, We had most of the connects we have today back when we were in highschool, We had lunch every period and paid kids in stolen goods to do our work.... skated the lunch room tables, sold E, Played ps2 in class and the lunch room, We were the it kids, Half the schoo kidsl looked up to us, Half the school kids hated us, deans wanted us expelled because they had a hunch we were writing TWIN VGL on the walls but couldn't prove it. Yeah highschool was insane.

TB! > Who should we interview next?

D! > dude that did the robot chicken show, gotta see whats on his mind.

R! > Definitly ... Loic Villepontoux

TB! > Shout outs to anyone specific?

D&R! > all the Brilliance guys, Mr.Mikey,Hasenpffefer, Bernard Fallis, Jason Preston, anyone that ever rocked our stuff, McBeth, Swinton, Saad, Adel, Tookie Blood, Bip & Bop, Tookie, Weeda.. End.